TOLEDO (Writing 201-Acrostic, simile)

Traveling is a gift to my soul. It fills my empty heart like a pool full of people on a hot summer day.  Happy.

Opens my mind like a clearing in the dark clouds over head.  Peace.

Leaving all the drama behind, like a child in a day care. Temporary.

Eventually I return like the geese in the summer. Anxious

Distributing gifts to the people I love, like Santa Claus on Christmas.  Grateful.

Only to dream of the next trip, like a soul searching for love.  Patient.

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2 thoughts on “TOLEDO (Writing 201-Acrostic, simile)

  1. I love the imagery and how it underscores the one word sentence at the end of each line. Brilliant. It makes me want to visit Toledo.

  2. Marquessa says:

    Nicely done! Maybe I’ll try that with Montreal!😄

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