Skin (Writing 201 Assignment 3)

Have you ever been uncomfortable in the skin you were in?  They say that beauty is only skin deep, but emotions will creep and show you all the layers.  My skin has many layers and they all show beauty.  It’s my duty to love all the layers of my skin.  The addict one, the white one, the gay one, and the tan one.  Anyone?  Love all the layers of their skin?  We must learn to water our spiritual garden or our soul and skin will harden.  I will try, without bargain, to love all the layers of my skin.

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6 thoughts on “Skin (Writing 201 Assignment 3)

  1. Rachel Kassem says:

    I loved the harden/bargain internal rhyme!

  2. Lola says:

    Loving the layers of your skin. Brilliant! Plus the Prose Poem and the Internal Rhyme – you pulled it all together, it would seem, effortlessly, because of the way it flows. 🙂

  3. finkelstein says:

    Great topic and I love the internal rhyme!

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