325.16 Hours

Hell yeah!  I am 325.16 hours into a 600 hour educators course to be able to teach cosmetology.  I started in October and should be done in April.  This seemingly short space of time has seemed like an eternity, with 1000 years still ahead of me.  It would not seem so long if I wasn’t part of a growing trend called “thirtysomethings moving in with the parents”.  A.K.A. Hell.  Notice how I refer this to a “growing trend”. I have no problem being just like everyone else if that means living at home with your parents is normal.  Call me basic if you must.

It’s not that living with my parents is hell.  They are great.  I get to eat, sleep, and do laundry for free.  Also they have tried to make it as comfortable as possible for me.  It’s being 35, and living with your parents that I have a problem with.  Take away a mans independence and you might as well leave him to die.  Most of my ego was surrounded by my apartment, and the pieces of furniture I built, refurbished, or broke on my own.

The craziest part of all, is that it’s almost done.  I will be able to move sooner then later as I wrap up school.  Three months from now I can guarantee that my life is going to be different then it is today.  Time will tell what that change will be but I can guarantee  that I have no clue where I will be.  Whatever happens to lie ahead for me, I can promise you one thing: I earned it.  Not only because of the amount of work I put in to be here right now, but because I truly believe that we choose our own destiny.

I can only hope that the next 274.84 hours fly by just as much and are as enjoyable as the first 325.16 were!!

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