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Damn FERPA!!!

So if you could believe it, this year, the state of Illinois issued me an education license in my trade.  That’s right, I am a teacher.  I’m a role model.  I’m also a fantasy. (Get it, teacher/student? haha).   Actually, I worked pretty hard for this and really love what I do.

Obviously, in this country that we call free, is a dumb law prohibiting you from repeating information about another student to anyone.  Makes sense, I will admit it.  It’s called FERPA (Family Education Right to Privacy Act).  I just don’t like it.

The problem is that it’s a law!  I hear so much crazy shit that it eats my soul that I cannot tell someone the gossip.  I live for the moments when a situation concerns two or more teachers because then we can talk about it!  The law doesn’t say I can’t talk shit, just that I can’t give information to another party.  If other people were involved in the incident, I’m golden!

Thankfully I have an amazing man at home to share all these crazy stories with or I would explode, and be fired.  In fact, if there is ever going to be a reason that I would be fired from my job, I think this will be it.  I catch myself at least 5 times a day talking about things that I shouldn’t.  It’s in my nature to gossip.  It makes the day go so much quicker.  🙂

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